Special Gifts
To find someone with special gifts
Well that is hard to do
But then you walked into my life
And brought these gifts with you.
You brought the gift of laughter
And joy in my life too.
And I am always smiling
And that's because of you.
You brought the gift of kindness
And that is plain to see.
To everyone around you
And especially to me.
Your gift of understanding
Is a special one, I know
I love you every minute
For the way you let it show.
I love your gift of patience
That you always have for me.
In everyday in everyway
You always wait for me.
But most of all I love the gift
You bring to me each day
To make my life so special
In the most kind and loving way
You bring the gift of who you are
And I love you for that too.
And I am just so happy
To be in love with you.
:: Vivienne

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