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Featuring Poets for 2005
- There is beauty in words. Let's share our moments...

We are on this Planet for such a Short Time by Joe Rotonda
Special Gifts by Vivienne
Nature's Pace by Ryan Shephard
My Empty Cage by Tri Tran
Images of Loneliness by Byron Samson

- Did you read last month's featured poets?

Special Collection by Nancye Sims
Reach for your Star
Listen To The Song In You
Winners Are People Like You
A Creed to Live By
You Are A Success

Dreams and Vision:
On Living Chateaubriand
Success by C.N. Audre Day
Celebrate Weirdness by Laura Bernstein
Unforgotten Dreams by Andrew Miller
Life's Treasures
Reach for Rainbows by Collin McCarty
What is a Soul Mate? by Emily Matthews
Angels by Author Unknown
Journal 21 by Jaime B. Eggspuehler

Moments in Time:
Again by Shane Watson
My Earthly Angel by Andi McCarthy
Looking for the perfect man! by Author Unknown
Single Man's Prayer by Author Unknown
Hi Honey I'm Home by Jim Nasium
Summer Fun With You by Ronda Ellinwood
Single Woman's Prayer by Author Unknown
Hugs by Author Unknown
Little Eyes Upon You by Author Unknown
Thank you for being my Friend by Larry S. Chennges
A Town Far Away by The Road Warrior

Thinking of You:
Fifty Years Is Really Not Enough by Nicholas Gordon
Together Once Again by Poppy
Thank You Friend by Carol Noll Crowell
To Touch the Heart by Author Unknown
I Will Love You by Daniel Haughian
Love, I Love You by Larry S. Chennges

A Maiden in Distress by Larry Keiter
There be No Dragons by Sandi Raub
Of a Dragon
Slayer of Dragons by Sheila Lynn
My Knight by Sheila Lynn
A Dragon's Home
The Elven Harper

Angelwing's Thoughts:
More than Words
Another Beginning
Remember When...
Between You and I
Merging Spirits
Silence...my Sleeping Love
Princess Diana
His Timely Journey
Shades of Passion
Lover's Dance
A Dragon's Mockery

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