"Your path was written in the stars long ago......."

Power of the Stones

    The healing powers of the gemstones and minerals.

Happy Chinese New Year
    2010 - The Year of the Tiger. Find out why 2010 will be a year of optimism, courage and change. Feb 14, 2010 to Feb 2, 2011.

Western Zodiac
    This is an one stop shop for horoscopes from Check out yearly, monthly or weekly horoscopes and other interesting sites.

Urban Legends Archive
    An amazing collection of urban legends.

Aesop's Fables
    Incredible collection of fables including fairy tales from Hans Christian Andersen.

The Ulster Cycle
    The most comprehensive collection of Irish myths and heoric legends.

Slawek's Ultimate Guide
    Almost 700 artists and galleries listed on science-fiction, fantasy, space and surreal art on the Net.

Snake Mythology
    Learn how snakes are regarded by various cultures and their myths.
    This site is dedicated to the Science of the Hands including palmistry. Find out the professional secrets of Hand Analysis.

Morgana's Observatory
    Ancient prophencies and universal myths concerning these times. Isn't it time to investigate the mysteries of the universe?

Lucid Dreaming
    Are you dreaming right now? Can you remember your dreams? Stop here and find the tools to enrich and understand your experiences.

Sun Angel Innovations
    Learn about numerology, positive visualization, and alternative health. Stop by and Ask Fortuna to bestow prosperity and success on you.

Sarenas Tarot
    You may become a believer after you leave this site. If you are a believer, you will appreciate the in-depth information available here. Cool automatic tarot card readings.

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