"Hands slapping, tears flowing, stomach aching, uncontrollable laughter..."

    Angelwing shares a few jokes with the world... A comic strip by Jason Kotecki
    The site has the daily comic strip, which follows the misadventures of two young children trying to make straight the crooked world of grown-ups. It also has an archive of past strips, a collection of eCards, and topic areas for readers to post stories about childhood

    The Dilbert Zone by Scott Adams
    Laugh with Scott Adams as he comments on life as a necktie-wearing, corporate victim in a cubicle.

    Reality Check by Dave Whammond
    A glimpse at everyday life situations -- a wacky vision of the world that exposes the hidden hilarity in ordinary circumstances.

    Calvin and Hobbes at UExpress
    Join Calvin in his bratty adventures with his best friend lives on in the virtual world...

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