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Since January 1997, we have featured Poetry Contest Winners from around the world. Take a chance to be in the spotlight like these past winners.

Recently we have created the "Featured Poets" section where your selected poems will be displayed. This is not a contest but an open exchange of creative works of art. Express yourself since your words have captured your heart then why not the world.

Below is the entry form but please first read the updated guidelines.

Any personal information submitted is held in strict confidence and your email is never given to a third party without permission.

Thank you for sharing your poem.

Announcment: Cool contest

Judgement Day

A team of judges will gather around the computer monitor and read the poems as the candle light flickers off the screen. As the quiet melody plays on, 4 poets will be selected each month to be displayed at the Poetry Corner.

Entry Form

Judges in rhythm

Please ensure that you include your correct email address (example: name@company.com)
This is our only method of contacting you on the status on your poetry entry.

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Note: Form submission results page may consolidate your poetry lines into one paragraph.
Don't worry, it will look right when I receive the email. If not, you will be contacted.

Due to the volume, it may take a month before a response is provided.

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