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Thank you for supporting SMILES4U. The following poets were invited to submit their poems in our Creative Poetry Search.

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November 2004

Life School P.H.D. by Lori D. Carson
Ships Passing in the Night by Hal Shuford Gantt
Searching for Paradise by Murat Kilic
There is a Reason for Everything by Michele Norton

October 2004

The Thought of Annette by Stephan Attia
God's Picked Angel by Lori D Carson
You are my... by Melina-Jane Potan
Doors by Rose Taylor

September 2004
Stuff That Matters by Lori D Carson
Underneath My Car Seat by Sam Robbins
Ballad of the Centuries by Nick Schiralli
A Sister's Love by Richard Stevens

August 2004
Forever in Time by Lori D Carson
Another Chance by Hal Shuford Gantt
Untitled by Safreena Rajan
The Sun Failed to Rise by Jason

July 2004
Eva's Dawn by Stephan Attia
Sisterhood by Lori D Carson
Hypnotic Flames by Hal Shuford Gantt
Untitled by Skylar Lawniczak

June 2004
Daddy's Little Girl by Kristin Ansley
Acceptance by Susan N. James
You and Me by Amrutha Ragavan
This House by Rishard Shelton
Falling Stars by Hal Shuford Gantt

May 2004
Edification of The Pencil by Hal Shuford Gantt
A Mother's Prayer by Lori D Carson
Perpetual Regret by John F.C. Hallett
Love is Rare by Gabriella Namian

April 2004
The Pencil by Hal Shuford Gantt
Angel Eyes by Richard T. Stevens
Death by Maritza Figueroa
Introspect by Jeff Zachary

March 2004
Portraits by Hal Shuford Gantt
The Real Me by Tara Jones
Silence by Marjorie A Smith
Hourglass by Rose Taylor

February 2004
I've Only Just begun by Steve O'Neill
Love is Divine by Soulcryangel
Love Heals All Wounds by Michele Norton
Mother by Lori Carson

January 2004
Flower Among the Weeds by Hal Gantt
Creation Songs by Kathy Fretwell Gandy
Down the Memory Lane by Supriya Mothay
In God we Antitrust by James Rasmusson
I Owe So Much To You by Leah Kathleen Wiliams

December 2003
The Greatest Loss by Melissia Collins
Gone Bush by Alyson Leithhead
Gabrielle Rain by Richard Stevens
Be Thankful! by Shirley O'Connor

November 2003
Letting Go by Jessica Adorno
The Struggle for Peace, Love and Unity by Andrew Clark
To Mrs. Smith by Shirley O'Connor
It was up North, Between the Valley by Rose Ann Taylor

October 2003
A Mother's Arms by Pauline Smith
Band of Angels by Michele Norton
The Question Why? by Kate Hooley
Beginning of the Morn by Tri Tran

September 2003
The Flower and the Bird by Supriya
Summer's Toll by Tarina Doolittle
Time by Larry D. Bowlsbyo
Stand United by Alyson Leithhead

August 2003
Ten More Days by Karen
Fantasy Encaptured by Neeti Katoch
Music in May by S. Marie Hugo
Words of Silence by Amrutha Ragavan

July 2003
Tears From the Soul by Paul Curtis
A Symphony of Voices by Justin Myers
When I Was Young by Shirley O'Connor
An Unexpected Journey by Margaret A.
OK Girl by Karen

June 2003
Memories by Alyson Leithhead
La Fee Verte by Andrew Miller
Only One Moment In Time by Daniel Lee Hoover
A Journey by Leah Yates

May 2003
The Little Girl in Me by Brenda Vaudry
Just Theirs by Liz Argetsinger
My God and Me by Chris Johnston
Springtime by Leah Yates

April 2003
Breathless by Elaine Harris
Naked by Umukoro Karo
Just an Angel of God by Michele Norton
Horizon by Supriya

March 2003
For The Moment by Paul Curtis
You Stood By Me by Stephanie Borelli
The Breeze by Elaine Harris
Dancing by S. Marie Hugo

February 2003
Two Hearts by Alisa Yancey Dunagan
Plastic City by Mariel Olsen
Love True Jazz by Josh Pearce
To be Without Mother by Sharadha

January 2003
Truth by Lauren Elizabeth Beaty
Thank Heavens For The Creators by Michael Gruchy
A Winter Night by Emily S Talwar
Ashes Left Behind by Alex Gornbein

December 2002
The Search by Alisa Yancey Dunagan
The Shadows of My Mind by Angell Marcella Davis
Up Above by Alana McGhee
A Walk in the Moonlight by Linda Melodia

November 2002
Emptiness by Cynthia J. Mackenzie
What Is Love? by Yessenia Ortega
The Day You Took Your Love Away by Donna Cole
I Who Am by Douglas Crandall

We have also featured contest winners from 1997 to 2000. Enjoy their creative expressions.

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